Bring Home Colonel John F. O’Grady A Hero

Please help Bring Colonel John F. O’Grady Home!  Col OGrady was shot down over Vietnam in 1967 and went missing, leaving behind a wife and seven children.  I am  the youngest daughter of the seven children and after over 30 years of not knowing the fate of my dad, and wondering if he was alive or dead or if he suffered;  I finally received  some answers on Memorial Day 2012.


 The government  interviewed two Vietnamese soldiers that recalled my fathers last day upon this earth.  He had survived the plane crash with just a broken leg and and a small scalp wound and  was captured after landing in a tree, he was entangled in his parachute rendering him helpless .The soldiers did not have a vehicle to transport him to a hospital so they carried him on a liter.  Hours later after requesting water ,(which the soldiers did not have) he died before they reached the hospital.  The soldier recalled O’Grady clinging to a photo of his wife and family and specifically remembered picture of at least two young daughters, and  he vividly remembered O’Grady’s  great relcutance to give up the photo,  After O’Grady died the soldiers used A Star Fruit Tree as a reference point for burial so someday his body could be returned to the family and  claimed they buried him with his dog tags.


 JPAC started excavating the site, but had to suspend the operation due to interference by, Patty O’Grady. We should not let the actions of one unruly person stop the rest of the family from obtaining the closure we desperately seek. It has been over a year and still JPAC has not resumed the excavation It is Time to bring this Hero Home…


I was 6 years old when my father was shot down & the last letter he wrote, was to me;

here is a quote from that letter;


“”Daddy is flying a lot and the more he flies the sooner he will be home for good and that’s what he wants more than anything else in the world, so he can give out great big hugs and kisses to everyone, but especially to little girls in the first grade. who won’t be in the first grade much longer.”


Help Me fulfill his last wish & Bring him Home.

Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command is a group of dedicated volunteers that work tirelessly to account for all our missing soldiers. It is understandable that they were forced to suspend excavating O’Grady’s burial site. It has been over a year since JPAC suspended operations, we have information as to where he was buried we cannot in good conscience let him lie in an unmarked grave 8,000 miles away. Now it is time to begin the excavation process again. Send your email to


About coloneljohnogrady

Colonel John F. O'Grady a United States Naval Academy graduate, and aeronautical engineer and fighter pilot for the U.S. Air Force was shot down over Vietnam on April 10, 1967. Though he ejected from his crippled aircraft he was listed as Missing In Action. John O'Grady earned the Silver Star, two Distinguished Flying Crosses, Two Bronze Medals and the Purple Heart. Read this heroes fascinating story and about the impact on his wife and seven children.
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